I Fleshlight Fucked the Boy Next Door


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I love the fleshlight. That little invention has made it easy to prowl around offering the best kinky fuck that a Young Man is going to be able to get. I have a young guy living next door, he’s nineteen and still deciding what he wants to do with his life. And a lot of that includes working out in the garage where I can see him from my living room. See, I can’t just go out and fuck young guys that are so close to home. I have a reputation to keep but the more I looked at his hot and young body the more I realized that there was no chance in Hell that I wasn’t going to screw him. It just wasn’t going to happen


So I invited him over to clean my pool for fifty bucks. I thought it would be a good way to get my cougar claws into him and it worked. He showed up in swimming trunks no less with sun block and oil all over his skin. When I came out wearing nothing but my swimsuit I caught him looking at my rack and that is always a good sign. Boys love boobies, you can’t fake that.


I told him that I wasn’t going to fuck him though. I was going to sit on his face. He seemed to be kind of disappointed but I still had a trick up my sleeve. We went inside and laid on the bed and he started eating my pussy according to my instructions. What a good boy. Then the fleshlight came out. It came as quite a shock to him to feel a set of lips wrapping around his cock but he never pulled away from his duty. He licked me until I came hard and I got him off. It was beautiful.