The Cougar Hook Up

Miss Honey

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So I have a lot of friends from various walks of life I have just as eclectic taste in friends as I do is music. One of my friends is twenty five years old and he’s about six foot five! My other friend she’s about 43 and itsy-bitsy waist, big ass and titties and her skin is always perfectly tanned net long tapered fingers tipped by a long, red manicured nails. She is a perfect example of a cougar.


I didn’t know she was cougar before I introduced them but she is officially a cougar forever now. Last night they came over my house separately and I watched the mating ritual of a cougar and a cub. It was right  there in front of me. It was a very interesting dance to say the least. Now, did I mention the twenty five-year-old is also virgin. That’s why I had to introduce him to my girlfriend Tonya.I knew she would take it. I have to say, it was pretty hot watching the two of them explore their boundaries so to speak.


Funny thing is I feel like I made the perfect match. I’ve been listening to each of them talk about the other for about a week now. Since their initial meeting and they both are very hot for each other. He’s very sure for his age, she says and she’s very young for her age, he says. In spite of the age difference I truly think the hook up is on. I know it is actually going to take place my friend won’t be a virgin anymore. So for me that’s kind a like a twisted notch on my own bedpost. I do think the best way for him to lose his virginity is to her. She wil take it and use him again and again.


Mature Women do not Keep their Play Things

young man mature womenThere was a time when as women got older their men would be caught cheating on them but in this day and age that’s just not true. My mother used to say that women become hags while men grew more handsome that is totally untrue. I’m just as hot as I can be and I’m definitely a mature woman


The narrow minded thinking about mature women is a thing of the past. I have found that all those young hot musclebound guys would prefer mature women especially if they don’t have a lot of experience.


If there’s one thing I’m a mature women can offer a young cub is experience. she can teach him the ropes. Most mature women don’t want to keep those young men. They don’t want to have intellectual discussions with them.They don’t want to marry them.  They want to have fun and usually for short time, that can be one night or a few months


As I’ve gotten older I found I love variety and when I do meet other mature women out on the prowl it seems that’s exactly what they’re looking for too. We already have a regular lover. We already have husbands. We hang on their arms and go to functions with them knowing they are doing the very same thing with young ladies. Thats equality!


In the end we are secure in our relationships with our husbands and have no interest in leaving them for an inexperienced young pup but I have no problem at all training one up so that he can please the next mature women he comes across. I get great sexual satisfaction knowing that I am training a man who is going to please others.Trust me doing it is really hot but so is masterbaiting to the moemories!


Young Man Fucking Bootcamp

young manA Young Man needs a guiding hand. That’s why I have thought of a way to get all of them together in one place and make them into the studs that they know they want to be. I have been thinking about this for awhile now. There are scads, oodles of desperate housewives out there right now who need some real cock. They need a Young Man int heir life and they need him to be ready, willing, and able to fill the generation gap with gusto. That’s where I come in. see, I am a purveyor of young dick. They are each so unique in their own way.

I could start my little camp with three or four young cocks. You’d be amazed how hard a young guy will work to impress a mother figure. It’s training young boys one of those things that makes cougar sex so much fun and so satisfying. Remember that the training that you’ll get with me is the kind of thing that you’ll have with you for a lifetime of conquering cougar pussy. Of course it’ll be hard. You’ll be hard most of the time and likely some of that time you’ll be begging to get off but you know what they say, no pain no gain.

There’s no shame in being a trained boy. Of course i’m not just going to give you the Young Man seal of approval just because you got me off. You’re going to need to learn all of the ins and outs of getting in all of my ins and outs before I can say that you’re fully and properly trained. When you can make me purr like a kitten at the thought of your hands on me, when you can make me scream like a whore at the thought of your dick in me, and when I fantasize about you pounding me from behind you can safely say you’re ready to go.

Young Man Hunter Cougar Roars

There’s a Young Man looking to get laid right now by an older woman. I know it. There’s a guy out there on his computer, his palms are sweaty. He’s trolling through websites right now. His lips are dry. He reaches out to give them a tentative lick with his tongue to try to calm the raging hard on that’s threatening to poke through his pants if he doesn’t calm it down. That Young Man has been searching high and low and he’s looking for a cougar. Maybe someone that he doesn’t know or maybe it’s a specific woman that imprinted this lust on him, a teacher maybe?


Sure, there are lots of men who are into younger girls. I’ve noticed that it seems to get a little bit worse as they get older. Why wouldn’t it? Older guys want to get with younger girls so they can feel young again. Young women are easy to impress so that doesn’t hurt. The most important thing to remember though is that it’s an attempt to shed off some of that oppressive weight of age. Cougars like me don’t have that problem. I don’t need a guy to make me feel young again, I need a man who can keep up with me.

So a Young Man who is willing to learn, shut his mouth, and come off the dick is the most prized possession of all. Yes, I said possession. Although I might very well let a young guy fuck the shit out of me, bend  me over, and turn me inside out there’s no disputing who is in charge in any of my cougar relationships. There’s a reason for that, too. I don’t like when men have the push to try to think they are in charge. Someone has to take the reins before they do.

Cuckolding Cougar Introduction

cuckolding cougarI am a cuckolding cougar. A little different than your typical cougar. I am taking up the challenge of turning my husband into a functional cuckold.I look forward to breaking my husband into the swinging scene as a way to train him and get him used to the idea of me being a cuckolding cougar.  I have him right where I want him, poised and ready to become my cuckolded husband. His cuckold training has been a bit difficult since he did not know it was happening. I have just made the environment ripe for him to learn to serve me in a new way. I intend to take up the role of cuckolding cougar in his life.  It started by me talking about swinging. He had no idea I he had been my cuckold him from the start of our marriage. I was his hot wife and he never even knew it he was being cheated on. Even when he was using another mans cum for lube as he made love to me.I have been greasing his cock with the nut juice of other men for years. I have had many affairs and some of “my bulls” are men who work my husband or patronise or work at the same places we socialize. They never hide their obvious desire for me and I revel in it and it excites my unsuspecting husband he has no idea I have become a cuckolding cougar.

I have to admit, as I have grown older the men I choose as lovers have become younger and younger, so many do work at the establishments we go to, you know bartenders, waiters, dishwashers, auto detailers wherever I happen upon a hot young stud.

I have been steadily getting him used to the idea of me being a cuckolding cougar at a nearby swingers club we joined. Like all men, his excitement at first was getting to stick his dick in other women, typical. Of course I let him, he needed a reward,  while I sat at the bar lining up the hook up with a three young cubs.. I made sure they had hot young bodies and  big cocks. I made sure they had bigger dicks than my husbands. It was easy to make sure they were hung young studs  at a swing club. I could tell by looking and feeling hung, young dicks through their pants with my hands that they would definitely do. I was filled with the power of the cuckolding cougar.About the time I was sure their cocks were nice and big my husband returned from the back rooms. I let him know I had reserved a group room to get fucked in.  His look of pure pleasure was replaced with astonishment. I guess I was supposed to be apprehensive or unwilling not lining up three cubs.

When we got back to the group sex room, there was a chair and two sofas and soft cushioned footstool.  I had him sit in the chair and pull up the foot stool. He naturally listens to my commands, my dominance over him has been understood since we married. He is totally accustomed to it and enjoys it. We never defined it, it was always just the dynamic of our relationship.  It works for us. I looked at him at this moment of change. I was introducing him to a new woman, a new part of me the cuckolding cougar. I will write more on this soon but for now if you want to know the rest of this story you will have to call me. I do hope you are ready to be cuckolded by a cuckolding cougar when you call. I do like to play a lot and am insatiable!

Women Training Men At the Cub’s Kennel

Women Training Men

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As a rule I wouldn’t call myself strictly Dominant so women training men in large groups would seem like a fantasy that’s out of place. That’s one of the glories and mysteries of the human mind. Why do people fantasize about the things that they do? What makes a person tick? What is the reason why this causes this reaction in someone.  All of these questions are things that I love to learn the answers to. Not only in the people that I talk to but also in myself. I love sexual fantasies and the Cub’s Kennel Club is one of my more recent and better ones.

Taking advantage of one thing that’s always been true, younger men are usually always into older women in a very real way I have this fantasy of setting up a place where cougars can leave their cubs for the day as a form of sexual obedience school. For a very nominal fee all of the hot cougar ladies out there can have their stud trained up into the kind of talking sex toy that they need. For hard nights and great sex. Of course it wouldn’t be just me teaching these boys. There would have to be a half a dozen or so cougar women training men all the time.

I’d keep these women training men in sexual bootcamps. Men love to compete and know who is the best so I’d have competitions to earn prizes. One of the better ones that made me very hot was to have a blowjob contest. As in how long could hey last while getting head from some of the best cocksuckers tha the camps have. As any man who loves to fuck older women can tell you the blowjob is something that you never want to get from a young woman again once you have it from an older one. I made myself all wet just thinking about it.

Stephanie Is Your Phone Sex Cougar

Phone Sex Cougar

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Being a phone sex cougar is a lot more rewarding than being married ever was. That’s right. I’m a divorcee and my ex husband was not anywhere NEAR able to keep up with me in bed. That’s why I think I fell right in to being a phone sex cougar and why I like it as much as I do. I need to be wanted and worshiped by a younger man. They’re so… delicious and able to keep pace with my high sex drive and need for cock pretty much all of the time. I want to teach a young cock.


There’s no shame in being a phone sex cougar either. I can get all of the young cock I want and then throw them away when I’m done. though there’s something that can be said for a young tight body that really knows how to get a woman off. What’s wrong? have you only ever been with girls your own age? I have no fear in teaching you how to please a phone sex cougar like me. Your girlfriend will thank you for doing all of the tricks I show you on her, believe me. We’ll fuck the hell out of each other.


Just think about it, I was so neglected for so long don’t I deserve a good hard fucking? Let me be your phone sex cougar and I’ll show you the wildest and raunchiest phone sex time you’ll ever have. My sexy voice will have your young sexy cock hard in mere moments. I want you to ride every single one of my holes (even the one she won’t let you stick it in) Fuck me hard and then we’ll go on about our day. It’ll be our little secret that I’m your phone sex cougar. What do you think?

Divorcee Stephanie: phone sex cougar
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I Fleshlight Fucked the Boy Next Door


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I love the fleshlight. That little invention has made it easy to prowl around offering the best kinky fuck that a Young Man is going to be able to get. I have a young guy living next door, he’s nineteen and still deciding what he wants to do with his life. And a lot of that includes working out in the garage where I can see him from my living room. See, I can’t just go out and fuck young guys that are so close to home. I have a reputation to keep but the more I looked at his hot and young body the more I realized that there was no chance in Hell that I wasn’t going to screw him. It just wasn’t going to happen


So I invited him over to clean my pool for fifty bucks. I thought it would be a good way to get my cougar claws into him and it worked. He showed up in swimming trunks no less with sun block and oil all over his skin. When I came out wearing nothing but my swimsuit I caught him looking at my rack and that is always a good sign. Boys love boobies, you can’t fake that.


I told him that I wasn’t going to fuck him though. I was going to sit on his face. He seemed to be kind of disappointed but I still had a trick up my sleeve. We went inside and laid on the bed and he started eating my pussy according to my instructions. What a good boy. Then the fleshlight came out. It came as quite a shock to him to feel a set of lips wrapping around his cock but he never pulled away from his duty. He licked me until I came hard and I got him off. It was beautiful.

Rachelle4Phone Does MILF Phone Sex

Rachelle 4 Phone

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Thoughts of a steam, naughty and  kinky MILF Phone sex (moms I want to fuck) role-play really gets my dirty imagination rolling and all too soon, I am thinking of almost getting fucked by hot young guys! Yeah you read right!Guys! As in multiple!  Who w2ants just one piece of candy when you can have one, two, three; fuck the whole damn bag? That is one of the reasons I just adore MILF Phone sex.  The guys call me up to talk to an older woman, a cougar and I get all the good stuff!  Over and over again I get to have taboo sex acts which everyone thinks about and secretly desires but are too scared to act on. I get to hear love dirty secrets and explore dirty minds of my favorite kind of guy, the ones who adore MILFs!

Do you want to know what I like best about fantasizing during MILF Phone sex? I love being a hot, the hot,horny MILF who nurtures and instructs my boy toy and trains him to be the perfect lover for me! With all my experience, once he has reached that goal you know he is a four star lover.  what pleases me most.  You are going to become one of my best MILF Phone sex students. Yoou will be proficient at seducing, kissing, massaging, pussy licking, using your hands, and fucking a woman exactly the way that she wants and deserves to be fucked.

You will  learn the proper way to stroke your hard, young cock for me during MILF Phone sex and I’m going to milk  your semen heavy balls of your fresh Young Man goo until I am  satisfied.

If you are up to, “being all you can be” Call me and I will show you exactly what MILF Phone sex can do for you and how you can be pussy pleasing to any woman!

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Wannabe Cougar

cassandra wants to be a cougarI dunno if I would really count as a cougar, yet, I mean I am in my late 20’s but I think to be a cougar you have to fuck men who are young enough to be your own. obviously most of my experiences have been with older men and there is much to be said for fucking older men, they teach you a lot. They are experienced and already know exactly what to do to get you off.  I would assume the same could be said for a cougar.


In that case when I go to spring break to feast on the college boys i am certainly a cougar at least in spirit.  i am certainly not their peer, on any level.  Especially sexually. Keep in mind though, people will try to convince you experience is everything but I am here to tell you that is so not true.


Last spring when I took my wanna be self to spring break for a few promotions I was doing I hooked up with quite a few college boys, sometimes two or three and there is something to be said for the raw strength, excitement and drive of the early 2’s. Young guys fuck with raw lust, to hell with technique or experience.  They want to fuck you and fuck you a hard to prove they are real men.


Pick me! I want to feel that energy. I want to feel helpless beneath a strong well muscled stud fucking me for all he is worth. None can plow you like a college jock.  I tell you true. Then you have those hard muscles to dig your fingers into as you fuck a man in his prime. Yum!


I can promise you, I might get older but I will still be in Florida every year partaking of several…cubs…