I Fleshlight Fucked the Boy Next Door


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I love the fleshlight. That little invention has made it easy to prowl around offering the best kinky fuck that a Young Man is going to be able to get. I have a young guy living next door, he’s nineteen and still deciding what he wants to do with his life. And a lot of that includes working out in the garage where I can see him from my living room. See, I can’t just go out and fuck young guys that are so close to home. I have a reputation to keep but the more I looked at his hot and young body the more I realized that there was no chance in Hell that I wasn’t going to screw him. It just wasn’t going to happen


So I invited him over to clean my pool for fifty bucks. I thought it would be a good way to get my cougar claws into him and it worked. He showed up in swimming trunks no less with sun block and oil all over his skin. When I came out wearing nothing but my swimsuit I caught him looking at my rack and that is always a good sign. Boys love boobies, you can’t fake that.


I told him that I wasn’t going to fuck him though. I was going to sit on his face. He seemed to be kind of disappointed but I still had a trick up my sleeve. We went inside and laid on the bed and he started eating my pussy according to my instructions. What a good boy. Then the fleshlight came out. It came as quite a shock to him to feel a set of lips wrapping around his cock but he never pulled away from his duty. He licked me until I came hard and I got him off. It was beautiful.

This Cougar Mommy Loves Her Boys

Cougar Mommy

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What’s the best part about being a cougar mommy? Why, pleasing all of my sweet babies. Of course I like the control that I have over little boys. Why wouldn’t I? They need a mommy whose willing to take them to that place they want to be. Not everyone understands that sometimes some boys need to get a little extra love. It’s hard to find that special mommy but I have loved being a mommy since I started loving younger men. Everyone can go out and fuck a young guy. They are hotter than older boys. That’s a fact. They haven’t been corrupted by the world and gotten too jaded to enjoy dirty sex. If anything, that usually only gets better with time. When you take your babies though… that’s a whole new ballgame. Little boys need to be shown the ropes

Over the phone, a cougar mommy can really get in there and find out what makes her little boys tick. What do they want? What do they want that they are too scared to say. Needing a mommy is still one of the biggest taboos that there is. So a lot of times little boys are afraid to ask just what it is they want. that’s why its so important to be a good mommy and to listen to all of the things that aren’t being said. Does mommy’s sweet little boy want to stick his dick into her? Does he want to just be coddled and loved? Or, does he want to be mommy’s little slave? Young men are full of surprises. You can’t just assume that you know everything there is to know or they will throw you for a loop every time. Plus, it gets me really hot.

Older Woman Looking To Fuck Young Dick

Older Woman

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I’m an older woman, not old per se but I do know I am an older woman than most of the men that I’m sexually interested in. That’s why when I go out I’m basically looking to fuck anyone who could be young enough to know that an older woman like me is probably the best thing that ever could happen to them. There’s something about the look in a Young Man‘s eye, or the hardness of his cock that drives me wild. That fact is, that young men are the only ones who can keep up with me in bed. Its a sad state of affairs really. I am a lovely lass, looking to get fucked in all of the wrong places by all of the guys who I know I shouldn’t be fucking. I don’t care though. This older woman is hot all the time and ready to fuck.


I met a young lad the other weekend who seemed to know what to do. I am used to young guys being a little shy, as in the “I really want to fuck you but I don’t know how to go about asking for it.” When an older woman is probably old enough to be hanging out with your mum it’s understandable. This guy was different. He and I looked at each other and we knew exactly what to do. He didn’t even say a word to me to introduce himself, he just took me over to the public toilet and pulled my panties off, ripped is probably a better word for it. He bent me over and fucked me so hard that I couldn’t see straight. Then when he was done he said one thing, one word to me. “Thanks.” Then he left. Oh my god that’s great.

TheMilfNextDoor: older woman
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Cougar Sex Gang Bang In Public

Cougar Sex

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Sometimes you just need some dick. The whole point of cougar sex is fucking a guy who is young, dumb, and full of cum. Men my age don’t usually take nearly as much care in taking care of themselves as I do. If I were to complain about it I’d point out that it makes little sense to have men at their peak so young when women don’t really appreciate the cock until much later.


cougar sex is all about the fuck and I love the fuck. The other weekend I decided to make one Young Man‘s life a little better or at least give him a better story to tell his friends than the one where he hooked up with some boring little twig of a girl. In that regard I succeeded admirably.


I usually don’t like to go to clubs but I was set out that night to turn the bathroom of one into a cougar sex den. The men were out in droves, all young bodies and big swinging loaded guns full of sperm for my pretty face. The longer I stayed there the more I realized that only having cougar sex with one of these men would be unfair to the group of them that came out that night. So like a good samaritan I allowed myself to be taken to the bathroom by a group of three of them.


Let it not be said that chivalry is dead. In order to facilitate my cougar sex gang bang one of my new companions put his jacket out on the bathroom floor for me to spare my knees the suffering of being grudge fucked on the porcelain. The gang bang was wonderful. With a cock in my mouth, my ass, and my pussy I found the orgasm I’d been seeking. So did they.

Hotty Hailey: cougar sex
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Cougar Sex With LisaTaylor – Your Balls Explode

Cougar Sex

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cougar sex isn’t something to be scared of. I know a lot of guys, especially young guys have a thing for the allure of an older woman. I mean when you’re a mature woman like me you can’t help but notice the things that get tossed around by you. MILF, cougar, on the prowl. And I am. I’m all of those things and I’m proud of it. I have been a kinky girl for awhile now and I know what a guy wants. cougar sex definitely isn’t something to be cared of its something to be embraced. What a mature woman really needs is a sex toy. You’ve got a young hard dick and a mind that’s just aching to be filled with the knowledge of really hot to get a woman off and I’ll fill your mind if you fill my…. well you know.

cougar sex is a mark of sophistication. Sure you can spend your nights trying to hook up with young girls who aren’t even really aware of what sex is or what their parts are for or you can spend your time trying and successfully getting laid by a woman who knows what she’s doing and will send you headlong into a screaming orgasm the likes of which you’ve never had before and with any luck will be having over and over again. The choice really seems obvious to me but maybe I’m wrong. I have been wrong before after all but not usually about orgasms. I’m really good when it comes to orgasms, and milking them for as long as I can, good to the last milky thick drop.


There’s no other way to say it. I love cougar sex and by the time I’m done with you you’ll love it too. I can bet on that.

LisaTaylor: cougar sex
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Rachelle4Phone Does MILF Phone Sex

Rachelle 4 Phone

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Thoughts of a steam, naughty and  kinky MILF Phone sex (moms I want to fuck) role-play really gets my dirty imagination rolling and all too soon, I am thinking of almost getting fucked by hot young guys! Yeah you read right!Guys! As in multiple!  Who w2ants just one piece of candy when you can have one, two, three; fuck the whole damn bag? That is one of the reasons I just adore MILF Phone sex.  The guys call me up to talk to an older woman, a cougar and I get all the good stuff!  Over and over again I get to have taboo sex acts which everyone thinks about and secretly desires but are too scared to act on. I get to hear love dirty secrets and explore dirty minds of my favorite kind of guy, the ones who adore MILFs!

Do you want to know what I like best about fantasizing during MILF Phone sex? I love being a hot, the hot,horny MILF who nurtures and instructs my boy toy and trains him to be the perfect lover for me! With all my experience, once he has reached that goal you know he is a four star lover.  what pleases me most.  You are going to become one of my best MILF Phone sex students. Yoou will be proficient at seducing, kissing, massaging, pussy licking, using your hands, and fucking a woman exactly the way that she wants and deserves to be fucked.

You will  learn the proper way to stroke your hard, young cock for me during MILF Phone sex and I’m going to milk  your semen heavy balls of your fresh Young Man goo until I am  satisfied.

If you are up to, “being all you can be” Call me and I will show you exactly what MILF Phone sex can do for you and how you can be pussy pleasing to any woman!

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Cougar Phonesex: Young Men Only!

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cougar phonesex should never be underrated. It seems to me that all these younger ladies rate themselves way to highly in comparison to women who provide cougar phonesex.  Age does not determine the hotness of the body, only how many days you have been on the prowl.  Let me tell you I am one hot, experienced cougar!

I love nothing more than that picking up muscle bound young men at the beach and taking them home then showing them exactly why cougar sex will always be better than fucking some inexperienced kitten.

On those days when I just feel like staying home instead of prowling at the beach, mall or going to my volunteer job at the local university (great place to find a partner for some deep dicking cougar sex) I turn on my telephone to deliver some sizzling hot cougar phonesex.  cougar phonesex shows up those teen lines any say of the week..

Experience always wins and by wins I mean: makes you explode like never before and trust me, I have plenty to offer in that department. All my life I have always been quite the  “sex kitten” but now I have graduated. I know there has not been weekend in my life that I have not been out on the prowl for new, exciting, and nasty experiences.  I will share every filthy detail during our cougar phonesex session and make you  jizz all over yourself(or my pretty face, the intensity of your imagination will decide where that spooge lands).

If it is no taboo, imaginative, naughty, wet and gooey that you are looking for, cougar phonesex, will fill your need, load after ropey load. cougar phonesex will tantlize your theater of the mind and expand your creative vistas like no other.

If you haven’t tried it already, you need to give cougar phonesex a listen.  I promise, cougar phone sex will blow your mind while draining your balls of every drop!

Cougar Sex at the Rest Stop

cougar sex with deviant donna

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I have had this dirty, cougar sex fantasy for several years and hope it comes true very soon…

I am driving down the highway and stop at the next rest stop because I have to pee really badly. It is really dark and as I am walking toward the bathrooms, I see a young guy walking into the restrooms too.  I check him out because I am always on the prowl for cougar sex. I notice he is checking me out too.  He winks and i am flattered  and give him a sexy lgiggle and a shy smile all the while I am thinking about cougar sex.  I cannot help but wonder how he looks under that shirt and those tight blue jeans.

I enter the ladies room and feel that wonderful release and realize I am the only one in the bathroom.  I open the door to leave and there he is!  Right outside the stall door, leaning against the wall the way only hot young guys can with a big “cat that ate the canary” smile on his face.  I cannot help but notice that he has a huge bulge in his tight jeans. I cannot stop staring at that bulge with all its untold promises of sizzling cougar sex. My pussy gets wet as I look at that big hard dick concealed in those jeans!  I look into his eyes and and see desire that equals my own for cougar sex.  The ladies’ room is empty,  so I take the unique opportunity to gesture for him to come in the stall with me.  He does.  Immediately I am up against the cold metal stall wall  as he locks the door while pressing me against the wall. I sink to my knees and unzip his  jeans and pull out that huge mouth-watering slab of man meat and start licking and sucking it like it was a lolly pop.

The cougar sex fun doesn’t stop there.  Do you want to know what happens next?  Call and find out!  I promise youm it will be worth your time!

Deviant Donna

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The Sex Appeal Between Cougars and Cubs

angelina has total cougar sex appeal


I am finally reentering the dating pool and found for my own peace of mind I needed to test myself to see if I still have it.  I needed to know if I still had sex appeal. I know I am hot.  I do not think it is a self esteem issue at all but for so long I have been out of the scene, just for my own self assurance I needed to test my sex appeal.


I helped put together high school graduation party for my child. Don’t look so shocked! I am old enough to have and adult child which definitely could make me both a cougar and wonder about my sex appeal. I had never known I had a provocation for younger guys until this party though. I knew they were on the table. I do not discriminate because of age but  the graduation party proved to me that I no have a preference and still have sex appeal.


When the guests began arriving I could not help but notice all the hot, well muscled the young guys were. You could tell by looking they were at the height of their sexuality and according to biology and so am I. I normally wouldn’t be attracted to guys in their early twenties or even as low as nineteen but I could not help myself, their sex appeal was apparent and radiating from them..


I couldn’t help but stare at the buffet of manhood in front of me. I even imagined all of them wanting to gang bangme. Without even thinking of making a move on my own a Young Man approached me. He was tall, very cute, and had a full sleeve of tattoos on both arms.I could tell he was not part of the graduating class. I decided to investigate this hottie further.


He went into another room and I followed and began making small talk about his tatoos, touching each one of them and asking about it while letting my fingers trail on his soft, tanned skin. I could see that the body art continued under his shirt and even lifted his shirt and brushing my fingertips across his well muscled chest and across his sensitive nipples.


I asked him his age and he let me know he was twenty four years old, a ,mere baby but a hot one. I could feel the nearness of success in my mission of .. I asked him where he lived and what he did for a living. He told me he loved nearby and while he was as student at the local university he tutored to make ends meet. YUM. Hot and smart.


A Few days later, my sex appeal no longer in question, I received a call. It was him. I recalled he had asked for my number and he was wondering if I would be interested in giving him some special tutoring sessions! There was no question what the answer was. I was more than willing. Even as I held the phone to my ear I was getting hot just thinking of him inside me. That was the beginning of my becoming a cougar. The experience was far too satisfying not to repeat over and over again. Now I have a whole collection of cubs at my disposal. The sex appeal of being a cougar is unmistakable.


That fateful graduation led me to complete and total confidence in my sex appeal and to complete satisfaction. I am never without sex and never not looking for new cubs to replace the ones that move on. Part of the sex appeal of being with a cougar is we do not play for keeps.




The Best Thing about Cougars Cubs

Cougar Phone Sex

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The best thing about cougars is we’re not looking for love or any other strings. That’s what also confuses many of those young cubs. I think just because we like to fuck and enjoy having their company and hanging on their arm they think that we want a long-term relationship. A lot of them think, mistakenly, that we’re going leave our husbands for them, not a chance. If it weren’t for our husbands we would not have the leisure time to play with cubs.


Even then why would we leave these men that we built. It was a lot of work, they were once cubs too. These successful men we stood behind  and crafted to perfection are not going anywhere. Now you think now just because of the pedicures, day spas and playing with young boys that we don’t do anything? Let me tell you,  we already put in our time. We don’t want to relationship we already raised our boys. We just want a young stud who looks good and has a lot of muscle and a big dick.


I love training young cubs and putting them on the road to satisfaction that I once led my husband down. It is this reason young cubs need to come to cougars for training. We know more about how to please a man than any girl their age could possibly know and we know where the path to success lies. We have been honing this skill to not just an art, but a fine science.

The only pitfall with being a cougar is it sometimes cubs get way too attached. They need to take it for what it is, an affair. An affair with benefits and the benefits are just the fact. They get spoiled and they get trained. Cubs will never let down woman in bed once they’ve been with a real cougar.